Airplane Accidents & Injuries – How an Airplane Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Air travel is perhaps the only transportation mode which can be termed as the safest and the riskiest at the same time. It is safe since air traffic regulations and aviation standards are strictly observed by airlines and other aviation authorities, which minimize the risk, but at the same time, everyone is aware of the risks associated with an airplane accident and crash.

We all know that airplane accidents are mostly fatal, and even though the occurrences of airplane accidents are not as frequent, their consequences are often disastrous. Although the frequency of the occurrence of airplane accidents vary with each year, but roughly around 30 fatal airline accidents occur every year and accidents to private and jet aircraft are apart from that.

But that does not mean that aviation accidents always result in the loss of the lives of the passengers and the crew. Not every accident is serious, and most of them, about which we never hear in the news, are mild accidents, which only result in injuries. If you are confident about the quality of aviation standards and precautionary measures offered by your air plane, then you should know that the chances for survival are good and that an accident should only result in injuries.

But why should you suffer as a passenger from an air plane accident injuries when it was not your fault? Did you know that most of the airplane accidents occur due to human error? Although the environmental factors are always there as a threat to air plane traffic, but despite all the aviation standards followed by airplane crews, they are still not able to prevent the occurrence of airplane accidents from time to time.

Even if you have suffered injuries in a crash landing, or in a more serious aviation accident, you are protected by the law to be compensated for your injuries. And if you have lost a loved one to an airplane accident, the grieving family can also seek out help for the necessary legal compensation, which is their right. While going through the trauma, you should leave all your worries to a reliable airplane accidents lawyer to take care of all the legal subtleties in helping you out with your goal. Not only will that offer you the moral support you need at a time like this, but will also fulfill the purpose for which you engaged the services of an aviation accident lawyer.

Why Do Airplanes Crash?

Fear of flying, also known as aerophobia, can be a very debilitating phobia that limits the ability to travel for the individual. When aviation accidents occur they can solidify the fears those with aerophobia have or instill new fears of flying in those affected. But what causes airplane crashes? With so much technology and support going into the aviation process, what can possibly go wrong?

An aviation accident is defined as an incident associated with an aircraft that has the intention of flight where either a person is hurt or killed, or the aircraft sustains structural damage or failure or part of the aircraft structure goes missing. So what causes these incidents?

Common Causes of Aviation Accidents Include:

· Faulty equipment
· Piloting errors
· Faulty design or structure
· Negligence
· Errors with fueling
· FAA regulation violation
· Air traffic control negligence or error

The Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA, also known as the Federal Aviation Administration, is the governing body that oversees and regulates the actions of pilots, the manufacturing of aircraft and monitors flight operations. The standards they set are the minimum but when even this minimum is not met, tragic accidents can occur. This federal oversight applies to most aircraft and when adhered to they provide security for the aircraft and everyone in it.

You will notice that weather is not in the list of common causes of aviation accidents. This is because the weather is carefully monitored by aircraft pilots and air traffic control and if they adhere to the safety regulations set in place by the FAA they will be able to avoid or navigate most unpleasant weather. Therefore when an airplane crash happens due to bad weather there is also usually a personnel error that occurred.

To combat this lack of compliance the FAA punishes violations of regulations with fines. This is important because not only can noncompliance lead to plan crashes, but faulty security can also make for generally unsafe airports. Ever since 9-11, day of the most fatal plane crashes in American history, airport security has been of vital importance and the FAA works to uphold this priority.